Guiri Business Group is a LinkedIn community designed to facilitate professional networking through the exchange of information, knowledge, contacts, jobs and opportunities.

– Business Directory,

– Business networking and conference event listings

– Business Television and profile videos

*** How it Works ***

Our group is non-promotional. We are an inclusive networking group to promote real business conversations.

*Direct promotion of businesses, PR releases, and calls for sponsorship will ***not be tolerated***

*Promotion of other LinkedIn groups will not be tolerated

* Only approved Media partners that benefit the entire group. Members who submit blatant spam or keep submitting promotion in the discussions & other inappropriate comments will be permanently banned. The group mainly consists of Spanish-based, foreign professionals – many of them self-employed – that become members for business networking purposes. The main object is to generate work – JOBS – and improve our business opportunities.

The official language is English, but we welcome speakers of all languages; especially locals, as long as they are Guiri friendly 😉 @GuiriBusiness is the Twitter name.

To qualify:

– you must live in Spain or have lived in Spain

– open to network within the group, this includes the permission for the Group Manager to send monthly contact info to all members of the Group, so members can invite other members actively

– your willingness to receive infrequent newsletters by email