Guiri Business to Participate in 6th Annual Mashable Social Media Day on June 30th at W Hotel

On June 30th, the 6th annual Mashable Social Media Day kicks off all across the globe. Major influencers and social media advocates will assemble in numerous cities to discuss the unlimited potential of social media and ignite an international discussion. In Barcelona, this is being presented by Zoom PR and they have asked Guiri Business to present and to participate in a conversation about the effectiveness of LinkedIn and networking groups.

This year’s #SMDayBCN—at the W Hotel Barcelona—will focus on key metrics and how to properly market yourself and your brand through the numerous social media platforms which are available. Proper utilization of these social media techniques will maximise your target reach and ultimately improve your business.

This year’s lineup for Social Media Day in Barcelona includes:

  • Iconosquare – “Optimising engagement, creativity, and the power of branding on Instagram” by Romain Ouzeau, of Iconosquare (Presentation in English)
  • Facebook & Twitter Ads – “How to maximise your reach and interaction through Facebook and Twitter Ads” by Chris Pattison, Twitter and Facebook ad Specialist (Presentation in English)
  • LinkedIn – “The impact of LinkedIn groups on professional networking” by Brian Heinen, of Local Producer and Guiri Business (Media Partner). (Presentation in English)
  • Barbie Style – “How to care for your content and tell a story through various channels” by Jonathan Jimenez, of Mattel Spain (Presentation in Spanish)
  • Maria Pascual (Jewelry Entrepreneur @mariapascual) on utilising social media to strengthen yourself as a blogger (Presentation in Spanish)
  • Laura López (Instagram food stylist @lauraponts) on the presence of social media within the culinary industry (Presentation in Spanish)
  • Carlos Toledo (Instagram illustrator @t_diary) talks about his success via social media and how to use Instagram for personal branding (Presentation in Spanish)

The stories and experiences as well as personal insights from this diverse list of social media influencers are sure to be valuable to everyone from aspiring bloggers to online businesses looking to optimise their brand presence and performance on social media. As the importance of creativity and engagement continues to rise, it is vital to be aware of all the tools that are at your disposal. Come on June 30th to the W Hotel Barcelona’s ‘Mega Room’ conference room to learn how to take advantage of these excellent social media marketing and advertising opportunities, strengthen your social media following, and elevate your personal brand, company brand, or business to achieve new levels of notoriety and success in the online world.

Do not miss out, confirm your attendance now: – 10€ discount if you sign up before end of day Friday June 26th.

Join the Social Media Day Barcelona 2015 Facebook event for updates and important info leading up to next Tuesday! We hope to see you all for #SMdayBCN 2015!

About Guiri Business

Guiri Business : Professional network for Foreigners / Expats in Spain. Guiri Business Group is designed to facilitate professional networking through the exchange of information, knowledge, contacts, jobs and opportunities. Founder is Willem van Oort, co-Founder Brian Heinen (BCN).

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