About Us

The Guiri Business Group is a LinkedIn community in Spain designed to facilitate expat and local professional networking through the exchange of information, knowledge, contacts, jobs and opportunities.
Founded in 2007 by Willem van Oort and co-founded by Brian Heinen, with now over 13,000+ group members
  • Business Events and Conferences
  • Monthly Networking Drinks
  • Business VideosPeople on the Grid Business Television
  • Business Listings
  • Fernanda Accorsi


Guiri Business is powered by SocialSignIn – a complete Social Media Management Platform trusted by leading brands to drive clear ROI and meaningful engagement – and co-hosted by Fernanda Accorsitheir Country Manager and Guiri Business member.

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Blue320The Guiri Business Network is a LOCAL PRODUCER PRODUCTION – developing live and digital business projects for community and brand activations.

View Brian´s interview with the local Catalan television channel El Punt(In English), talking about Guiri Business.

El Punt Interview

Click to view Brian´s Interview about Guiri Business with El Punt Avui television