Why Internal Collaboration Drives Social ROI

The ability to “work successfully as part of a team” is on everyone’s CV, right? But when considered in the context of inter-departmental collaboration and a business-wide social media strategy, everyone is not always singing from the same hymn sheet!

According to Rachael Richardson-Bullock, the marketing communicator at SocialSignIn, collaboration is a crucial part of businesses achieving consistent tone of voice, a joined-up approach and driving real ROI – not only in relation to social media, but across wider business objectives. So with customer service teams, marketing teams and operations teams all putting their two pence in, how can teams work together to achieve real business outcomes?


Maximise efficiency by defining responsibility

Rather than each department working in silo – which ultimately results in a poor experience for the customer, gather key stakeholders from each department together and clearly define who is responsible for each social media process. This is also the perfect time to align your social media goals with wider business targets and how you’re going to achieve them – making your work truly strategic and KPI-driven.


Prioritise communication and training

To make your social media management a well-oiled machine, all teams need the same skills, standards and approach. As a Manager, you can achieve this by offering regular training sessions, outlining company values and giving regular feedback on performance. As well as this, create an atmosphere of knowledge-sharing and encourage staff to (constructively) critique each other’s work. Regular interaction between departments is crucial to maintaining positive relationships and a consistent approach but is often one of the things that gets cut from the weekly to-do list.


Offer excellent customer service experiences

Whether your goal is to drive channel shift or not, the customer service you’re offering on social media needs to rival your traditional methods. To ensure your customers see your digital channels as their prefered way to contact you, your response times need to be quickfire and your social media technology integrated into wider CRM processes – delivering effective resolutions and a unified customer view. Set ambitious targets and allocate sufficient resource to cover the growing social demand – it’s the only way to ensure a strong first digital impression.


Ensure your brand messaging is cohesive

Think of your brand as the way people talk about you when you leave the room. Customers need to easily identify what you stand for and trust what you’re telling them on social media, across your other digital channels and offline channels. If the messages associated with your brand are inconsistent, including your tone of voice and artwork, it will undermine the clarity of your messages. Brand guidelines distributed to each team will ensure everyone has an understanding of how the brand should be presented.


Find tools that work for you

Similar to joining-up your departmental heads, finding the right tools to join-up your teams online is key to successfully achieving positive social media outcomes and real ROI. SocialSignIn is a complete social media management platform with individual modules built for the distinct needs of each department, helping to drive internal collaboration, efficiency and providing the strongest possible digital impression of your organisation. Find out more.




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