Mashable Social Media Day Barcelona 2015 at the W Hotel

On June 30th, at the 6th annual Mashable Social Media Day at the W Hotel in Barcelona, Brian Heinen was invited as one of 4 featured presenters to discuss LinkedIn Networking and the benefits of participating in groups, specifically our Guiri Business group.  The event was powered by Zoom PR and Guiri Business was a media sponsor of the event.  Mr. Heinen shared the stage with Barbie® (ok, ok, it was Jonathan Jimenez from Mattel talking about Barbie®), Chris Pattison spoke about Facebook & Twitter analytics and Romain Ouzeau from Iconosquare.  We saw many Guiri Business members in attendance and we spoke with several new faces that have since joined our group.

Mr. Heinen (call me Brian, please) gave us some feedback on how the day went. Brian Heinen_Guiri Business at Mashable Social Media Day 2015 Barcelona

I think it was a successful event and I hope that next year continues to grow because I believe this type of initiative allows for valuable learning and networking opportunities for our community.  For Guiri Business, we were very happy to participate; and for myself, I enjoyed networking with so many enthusiastic people.   I spoke about LinkedIn and the Guiri Business group in my presentation; and what surprised me most, was to hear feedback afterwards on how limited or how inexperienced many professionals in Barcelona are in utilizing LinkedIn as a professional tool.  It also proved again how unique and special our networking group is for professionals here locally.  In general, I meet people constantly in Barcelona who recognize me from the group and tell me how much they enjoy the experience.  I love that.

I was also happy to see so many members attended the event.  I think it shows the power of our network and that we are a network of influences in the local professional community.

Thank you again to Mashable, Sam Zucker of Zoom PR (a Guiri Business success story) and their organization for the invitation.

Thank you Mr. Hei….Brian.  Good job.

Did you attend the Mashable Social Media Day?  We would like to hear your feedback on what you heard, learned or didn´t like.

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Guiri Business : Professional network for Foreigners / Expats in Spain. Guiri Business Group is designed to facilitate professional networking through the exchange of information, knowledge, contacts, jobs and opportunities. Founder is Willem van Oort, co-Founder Brian Heinen (BCN).

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