#GetThatManAPint – Guiri Business Community Fighting PPMS


This is Stephen Garland! He was one of the original Guiri Business members, and the person who brought our community so much joy with the Giggling Guiri Comedy show.

In 2016, he was diagnosed with PPMS (Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis), and because of personal circumstances he is without enough health coverage to pay for his necessary – and aggressive – treatment.

So, in honour of Men’s Health month in November, and because I want to show the strength of our Guiri Business community, I want all of us to buy our friend Stephen a ‘Virtual Pint’ towards his recovery.  

Here you can donate to support his cause, and help him become healthy AND as an extra, you will play a very important part in the creation of Ireland’s first 10,000 pint man! ​

Wait, go back, you just missed the button to contribute, and to toast to a great guy. Just click above to donate €5 to #GetThatManAPint

You can follow his campaign website, where he will seek to keep people up to date about his condition and the fundraising events that he has planned in preparation to travel to Russia for HSCT (‘Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant’) treatment to stop my PPMS 


Author: Brian Heinen

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