Future Economy Barcelona 2012 Conference – October 19th & 20th

Guiri Business Group has announced a new media partnership with the Future Economy Barcelona 2012 with keynote speaker Al Gore.

This initiative has been created as a forum to discuss the two most important issues that are affecting society and business community: the international economy and the environment.

The main objective of this forum is to provide companies, entrepreneurs, professionals, politicians and students with the ideas, strategies and leadership required to address the mentioned problems. FEB 2012 wants to motivate and empower the audience to take an interest in developing new economic models where the damage to the environment plays a significant role.

This forum also aims to show how sustainable development can be the best bet for changing business models and help improve the economy, generationg economic growth and creationg jobs.

It is also a major goal of Future Economy Barcelona 2012 to encourage the attendees to face the future with a positive attitude, emphasizing the need to change our attitude to face a new social and economic reality.


Guiri Business will be there to cover the discussion and activities.  We will have an update after the event.

We are offering a 10% discount to our Guiri Business Group members who wish to buy tickets to the conference.

You must be a member of our Guiri Business Group on LinkedIn to receive this discount: http://linkd.in/ue8sig

For more information about the discount please contact: Brian@LocalProducer.es

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