Embedding Social Media into the Contact Centre

Christmas is almost here and we all know that the holidays are a busy time for most companies and brands. The pressure to meet sales objectives are already very high, on top of the number of customer service requests that increase considerably – everyone is sorting out their flight issues, amend reservations or get their packages delivered on short notice.

The volume of inbound messages can scare you and the stress can reach levels not seen during the rest of the year, but dealing with your customers’ requests can be much easier than you thought if you are prepared.

SocialSignIn, in collaboration with UK Contact Centre Forum(UKCCF), have created an eBook of best practices in customer service operations from leading brands. For example, the rate of change with which businesses are embedding new social customer services strategies.

You can download your eBook here.

Don’t let the holiday stress trickle down to your customers. Let it be an opportunity to demonstrate the best your customer service has to offer, and look to grow a more meaningful engagement with your target audience.

  • Set-up the right goals,
  • Define a powerful team, and
  • Use the right technologies to support your goals.

After you read the e-Book, feel free to share with us your thoughts or tell us how is your company integrating smart new digital technologies in its core Customer Service mainstream practices.

Happy Holidays!

Author: Fernanda

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