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The IoT Solutions World Congress 2018 Announces Its First Speakers

From 16 to 18 October 2018 The industrial internet of things event will feature more than 125 sessions across nine themes The speaker schedule at the IoT Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) is taking shape. From 16 to 18 October the industrial internet event, organized by Fira de Barcelona, will bring together more than 250… Read more »

Social Media Trends that will Dominate 2018

Social Media is itself the big trend for 2018, and for many companies and brands that are still not using all its potential, this year must be very challenging for them. But what are, exactly, the key-factors in this media channel for this year? Ben Nimmo, founder and CTO of SocialSignIn, shares with us some… Read more »

Why Internal Collaboration Drives Social ROI

The ability to “work successfully as part of a team” is on everyone’s CV, right? But when considered in the context of inter-departmental collaboration and a business-wide social media strategy, everyone is not always singing from the same hymn sheet! According to Rachael Richardson-Bullock, the marketing communicator at SocialSignIn, collaboration is a crucial part of… Read more »

Embedding Social Media into the Contact Centre

Christmas is almost here and we all know that the holidays are a busy time for most companies and brands. The pressure to meet sales objectives are already very high, on top of the number of customer service requests that increase considerably – everyone is sorting out their flight issues, amend reservations or get their… Read more »

The Struggle For Catalonia, A Presentation and Dialogue with Raphael Minder (Full Video)

Mr. Raphael Minder, the author of The Struggle for Catalonia and Iberian correspondent of The New York Times, sat down with Brian Heinen, founder of Guiri Business, to discuss his seven years of research, and over 300 interviews of analysis with rare impartiality of how the separatist debate has played out. Raphael has taken a… Read more »

A Decade of Guiri Business, an interview with Metropolitan Magazine

Founding Partner of the expat networking event, Brian Heinen, reflects on ten years of organising Guiri Business. How did the idea to create the Guiri Business community and networking events develop?  Originally, my old business partner had the idea to start a LinkedIn group, and asked me to be his partner. I launched the monthly… Read more »

About Guiri Business

Guiri Business : Professional network for Foreigners / Expats in Spain. Guiri Business Group is designed to facilitate professional networking through the exchange of information, knowledge, contacts, jobs and opportunities. Founder is Willem van Oort, co-Founder Brian Heinen (BCN).

Brian Heinen on Barnamerica – Discussing Guiri Business, Blockchain, A.I., Innovation, Future of Work, Food and More

 This is a recent interview with Brian Heinen of Guiri Business, discussing his work with everything Blockchain, Crypto, IoT, Innovation, A.I., Agriculture and Future of Work, with local Barcelona radio program BARNAMERICA!!! It is a chat show with more than a tinge of humor and cool tunes on Barcelona City FM with features 2… Read more »

How To Define KPIs Around Social

Ongoing interview series of digital and business insights, hosted by Fernanda Accorsi of SocialSignIn – a Social Media Management Platform. To elevate social media to the board room, as mentioned in the previous post, one needs to put a strong case forward – and this is something a lot of businesses struggle to articulate with social. On… Read more »

How To Elevate Social Media To The Boardroom, Part One

Ongoing interview series of digital and business insights, hosted by Fernanda Accorsi of SocialSignIn – a Social Media Management Platform. Our first instalment is an interview with Ben Nimmo, Co-founder and CTO of SocialSignIn Ben believes that companies have been wasting their time on social media, and that he has observed many busy marketing and customer service… Read more »

De-emphasising Trust in Open Innovation and the Future-of-Work

I participated in several thought-provoking sessions at the PMCampBCN, Global Open Innovation Forum, Design Thinking, ICO, and Blockchain and IoT Solutions World Congress with forward-thinking experts from Fortune 500 companies, colleagues from cutting-edge cryptocurrency, IoT and Blockchain development, design thinkers, and entrepreneurs looking for the next disruption in their industries, overall, just an inspiring group of achievers. After… Read more »