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Guiri Business will be featured in a new monthly business segment, Guiri of the Month on the Barcelona English Radio, Sunday Brunch hosted by Guiri Business members Katrina Logie (UK) and the Sam Mednick (CAN)

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Sunday April 2

  • Food Supply Chain, GMO, TTIP and Where the Food Comes From

Our Guiri Business Member of the month: Brian Heinen, Founder of Barcelona BBQ and Melissa Rossi, Co-Founder of Calle Magazine

Brian and Melissa discuss their new blog series, “Where the Food Comes From” A balanced look at the Food Supply Chain, Agribusiness, GMO, TTIP and more.  Join the conversation.

Listen to the rebroadcast here:

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Friday, Jan 22nd

  • Business and Fashion Trends

Our Guiri Business Member of the month: Christina Bifano Co-Founder of Studio Bellwether

Christina specializes in freelance design and trends research. She conducts lectures on trend investigation studies, textile/surface design and history of fashion. As a trend investigator, she specializing in street and online investigations, trend reports and trend and moodboards. Furthermore, Christina is the Editor of Roadtrip to Innovation, “How I came to Understand Future Thinking” by Delia Dumitrescu.
Studio Bellwether offers trends investigation tools and trainings that help creatives and visionary entrepreneurs initiate what’s New + Next with trends-based inspiration so that their businesses and designs are continuously ahead of the curve.

Fuel 4 Fridays: From business to trends and live music by Tgbradio on Mixcloud

Sunday, Oct 18th

  • International Merchandising, Franchising, and Fashion
    The guests include:
    Olivier Guerrero – CEO, Franchise World Link Group
    Essie Kahonen – International sales and export manager, Fashion and Lifestyle
    Fernanda Accorsi – F.A. Retail Solutions (featured Guiri of the month at the 26min point of the podcast)
    Raul Lopez Gonzales – Wealth manager
  • This week, the show will also recap our Guiri Business Jobs Con & Expo (21m30s of the podcast):
    -Rodrigo and James of the Sunday Morning Brunch went to the Guiri Business Network Job Fair last Friday the 9th, and interviewed a few of the guests, Tune in to hear excerpts of the event!

Previous Shows:

September 20th

  • Guiri Business Segment featuring Brian Heinen discussing the Guiri Buisnes Group, the monthly networking drinks and Octobers´s Guiri Business Jobs Con & Expo in Barcelona.
  • This week, our Guiri Business, Guiri of the month was Valentina Thörner  (Starting at the 45:00 mark of the show)

Katrina and Sam also host a weekly Friday show called: Barcelona English Radio, Fuel 4 Fridays.   Scroll through to find and listen to all previous shows.

About Guiri Business

Guiri Business : Professional network for Foreigners / Expats in Spain. Guiri Business Group is designed to facilitate professional networking through the exchange of information, knowledge, contacts, jobs and opportunities. Founder is Willem van Oort, co-Founder Brian Heinen (BCN).

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