New Media Partner: Barcelona English Radio, Fuel 4 Fridays Business Hour

Guiri Business and the Barcelona English Radio: Fuel 4 Friday Business Hour have announced a new media partnership to bring more quality content to the Guiri Business Expat community

Fuel 4 Friday, hosted by Guiri Business members Katrina Logie (UK) and the Sam Mednick (CAN) and airs Friday mornings from 9-10am on 106.9 FM and through online podcast.

This program delves into the pulse of the city – focusing on business, news and lifestyle.  The show features exclusive interviews with some of the city’s hottest local and expat entrepreneurs, start-ups and business experts.  With a laid back, ‘Morning Coffee’ vibe, Katrina and Sam provide a relaxing, informative, humorous, off-the-cuff and extremely inviting talk show.

Guiri Business´Brian Heinen commented that “together we are looking at several creative ideas to implement programming with the Fuel 4 Friday platform that will give our Guiri Business members a wider network to share and learn more about our local international business community.”

Brian said that they expect to announce more plans in the immediate future including a collaboration during the Guiri Business Con & Expo (Click and Register Now, It´s Free) to be held in Barcelona on October 9th & 10th at Valkiria Hub Space.




About Guiri Business

Guiri Business : Professional network for Foreigners / Expats in Spain. Guiri Business Group is designed to facilitate professional networking through the exchange of information, knowledge, contacts, jobs and opportunities. Founder is Willem van Oort, co-Founder Brian Heinen (BCN).

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